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Hi, the name's Minji. Just wanted to make an artblog dedicated to otome games and maybe other visual novels so yeah, here it is.
This is not a spoiler-free blog.

Please do not use or repost my works without permission!
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Thanks to everyone who has voted in the series poll so far regarding the fanbooks! If you haven’t voted already, please do so. All opinions are greatly appreciated.

For now I made some quick mock-ups on what each book will contain. As such, these details are not final and may change over time! However since MFW and BMP are consistently getting the highest number of votes, they will in all the books.

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Which series would you like to see in the Voltage fanbook?

A Voltage fanbook/zine is in the works!

It’ll probably be the first of a few made over time because there’s just so many series versus available time and budget haha. So for now, this poll is only relevant to helping decide what goes in the first book!

Please try and only choose up to five choices. You may not vote multiple times either. Thank you for your time should you answer (and even share) this poll! ♥

//casually waits for his route to release —-

7/20 - Happy Birthday to MSB’s Sora and MFW’s Yamato! /o/ More WIPs, haha, will be completing all the July bday WIPs for the end of the month laffs rolls off.

Saeki paint doodle /o/ Shoutout to the peeps who were at the stream for this haha.

Interest Check?

Just a little thought but if I made a little zine / art booklet with Voltage fanart, would be people be interested? Assuming by default it’d be saddle-stitched (stapled) and the size of if you folded an 8.5x11 paper in half. Haha idk. +++ Thanks for taking the time to answer if you do!

The shop is back up! It’ll be open until August 9th this time around Like last time, orders over $10 will be offered two free buttons of almost anything in my gallery. All orders this time around will also get a free DDiWTXFree crossover postcard. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ♥

Question: How is Yakov's personality compared to Ivan's? From his looks he seems to be less proper and more a bit more wild because of his open uniform and long hair.


I’m unable to answer, unfortunately. I have no access to the spinoff, and the main reason I drew Yakov was because I honestly loved the design. (But I can agree with you there based on first impressions—-)

If anyone can answer for this anon, that would be great!

Hello, hello! Thanks for the comment ♥  The process for the Yakov drawing is different from my usual methods so here’s how it went down haha. Drawn on PaintTool Sai.

Skips 1-2 cause basic stuff —-

Step 3 involves a 78% multiply layer of the shade indicated. Used a colour switch to decide on a colour, didn’t have to be that one specifically.

Step 4 - 100% overlay layer with white, then a 30 to 50 blending brush to add or erase some lighting.

Step 5 - Add shades! Did it after step 4 just so I don’t accidentally clash with Step 4. Also added another layer for hair strands or other light.

Step 6 - Another overlay layer just to amp up the back lighting around the edges, soften it up with a brush. Also added another a little layer to soften up the lineart a bit with some light colours.  /o/

As for brushes, I go all over the place unfortunately hahaha. ;;; Nothing too specific. I fix up the Blending option for the brushes very often. Yakov’s image probably used brush with 50-70 blend, watercolour with 50 blend and 20 dilution, and another watercolour brush with settings you can find in my tutorial tag. o// Hope that helps a little!