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Hi, the name's Minji. Just wanted to make an artblog dedicated to otome games and maybe other visual novels so yeah, here it is.
This is not a spoiler-free blog.

Please do not use or repost my works without permission!
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Requests: Closed / Not Accepting

Heya! Still down on internet but in a couple of days I will be opening commissions but after I complete some overdue ones.

Ahead note that there will be a no-fanart rule in place for some series/franchises, as well as a no-fancharacter rule. Also no to most animals, unfortunately.

Full details some time in the next few days!

8/31 - Happy birthday, Ryuzo! /o/

Also to IYAT’s Genji but no time or internets to draw both cries.

Lil Hiatus Again

Returned from Otakuthon a couple days ago and it was gr8, made a few new otome friends, too. /o/

However I will be on a bit of a hiatus again..! My place will be without internet for an unknown amount of time so I will be spending the downtime working on some projects. Or work on fanworks (and find time to jack friends’ internets and post em haha.) //salutes

Eyyy Aibaman —- ノ’ ︵’)ノ

Another quickie — Three reasons to play Nao’s route.

////throws textbooks aside and jumps on this ship fast kdsmfklsdf-


tentokki and I will be at Table #322 at Otakuthon’s Artist Area!
If you’re coming to the convention, do stop on by! :’D

\’ v’)// Reblogging from my main account in case anyone following this one are going!

Doodles between study breaks. Ye. hiatus what is.


Will be on a little hiatus for almost the next two weeks!
Final exams are approaching and because of the content for some of the tests, I feel I need as much study time possible. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into the groove of things afterwards! /o/ 

Also I’ll be extending shop orders for another week so instead of an August 9th closure, it’ll be til August 16th.

THANKS — takes and shares the love to everyone yeAHHHH

Sorry, I’m not! Though I’m considering going as an attendee for one of the days but that’s about it haha.