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Hi, the name's Minji. Just wanted to make an artblog dedicated to otome games and maybe other visual novels so yeah, here it is.
This is not a spoiler-free blog.

Please do not use or repost my works without permission!
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Eyyy Aibaman —- ノ’ ︵’)ノ

Another quickie — Three reasons to play Nao’s route.

////throws textbooks aside and jumps on this ship fast kdsmfklsdf-


tentokki and I will be at Table #322 at Otakuthon’s Artist Area!
If you’re coming to the convention, do stop on by! :’D

\’ v’)// Reblogging from my main account in case anyone following this one are going!

Doodles between study breaks. Ye. hiatus what is.


Will be on a little hiatus for almost the next two weeks!
Final exams are approaching and because of the content for some of the tests, I feel I need as much study time possible. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into the groove of things afterwards! /o/ 

Also I’ll be extending shop orders for another week so instead of an August 9th closure, it’ll be til August 16th.

THANKS — takes and shares the love to everyone yeAHHHH

Sorry, I’m not! Though I’m considering going as an attendee for one of the days but that’s about it haha.

Two of the postcard-back doodles that were sent with packages. /o/

' v’)/ Alan! Completed ver of a bday WIP I did for him. Alan was one of my first two ever Voltage routes, the other being Yuta (alternated between them when playing woops) so this goofy pirate has a special place in my heart.

3ish weeks later, completed a WIP originally intended for Haruhito’s birthday. /o/ Much fun with man’s or a demon’s best friend.